Hey Guys,

I threw this one together quite quickly. Sounds alright though. Check it out if you have the time. Thanks

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Nice job. Sounded really right on to me. And your tone was amazing!

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awesome.. i love AIC! RIP Lane

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Sounds alright. Timing and playing is all good, it's just the mixing that isn't good.
WOW....one of the better covers Ive ehard here.......love the song.....and u did an awesome job my fierned.....the tone was spot on...teh guitar work aimmaculate and teh whole mixing/mastering was very well done..........ive been listenin to it non stop adn singing along to it...very veyr good...!!!...Keep rockin.........PEAC EOUT
nice tone. very good, 9/10.
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Sounded pretty good. Tone was spot on as usual. Playing sounded pretty tight. Great job.
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