Is there a pedal out there that is cheaper, but close or good enough as a Digitech Whammy!?? (would like to use for slide solo's). And wondering if anyone knows how to get a Dimebag sound with a Digitech RP50!!!!!!!
well i had a digitech whammy and returned it b/c i didnt have any use for it. the harmonizer is ok. the dive bomb is hard to do b/c you can only go half way b/c you dont even hear it any more cause its too low, it doesnt sound hard, but it is. the detuner is pretty cool, but its not what you think. i just makes it go in and out of tune, almost how a roto-vibe pedal is like a circulating speaker, same hting, except with tuning.

as for the rp50, i dont know.
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There are pitch shifters, like the Boss (super shifter, I think it's called). It has a lot of wierd shifting functions and I think you can attach an expression pedal to it, to control it like a DigitTech Whammy. I don't think it's as good as the real whammy, though.

As for the RP50, I have no clue how to use it, but dial in loads of gain, slightly scoop the midrange, and have lots of treble. Dimebag had a very bright, piercing quality to his tone, but also had loads of bottom end. Use a ceramic bridge position humbucker.
hye um i bought a digitech ex 7 expression factory which has a crybabey, vox wah, digitech whammey and some other kool stuff in the one pedel! but as for dime jast have a lot of gain and high trebel and try and get a bright sort of sound but dont forget the bottom end
yeah my friend had a GNX 3 (I hated it, but that's not the point) with a built in whammy...