im tryin to learn crazy train solo. the first part of it constists of fast tapping on 14th fret and then hammer ons and pull offs on 7th and 10th. when i do it it doesnt sound lound at all comparing to the rest of the solo..... is there a technichque or something that would make the tapping part sound alot louder?
Using the edge of your plectrum perhaps, even though that is harder to do.
You can use the edge of your pick for a louder sound, however it is very difficult to sustain a note. I use my middle finger. Once you build up calluses then it gets easier. Its one of those things that must get harder before it gets easier. Using your finger is more accurate but its kinda tricky keeping your pick in you hand and then switching to your pick after the tapping. if all else fails simply turn up the Volume. I have a pedal system that has a volume pedal so i dont have to stop playing to change volume. Try each technique and tweek them to your liking. Its just gonna take some practice. Tough it out!
More gain and volume usually does it well. Providing you softly pick everything else.
And i startered off using the side of the pick for that exact solo. It helped build accuracy alot. But i'm now trying to build up strength with my fingers.
What I do is when you use your right hand, I pull up on the string after I hit the fret, almost like im fingerpicking it. It gives you the volume that you need for the hammerons and pullofs.