Does anyone know any good acoustic songs to learn?

Either finger picked or strummed, i dont mind as long as they sound good.

Any help is much appreciated.
Nothing Else Matters... Metallica Nice acoustic song.
Go for the old Classic, Stairway To Heaven!
Grimes - Everyones Favourite Northerner!
Bron-Yur-Aur by Led Zeppelin. You can find the tabs at www.led-zeppelin.org.
Ohhh...My head hurts...

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hmmm this seems out of the blue but,

classical gas - eric clapton
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Classical gas, Layla (unplugged), tears in heaven - Eric clapton
The widow - The mars volta
Stairway to heaven, misty mountain top, bron-yur-aur - Led Zeppelin.
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this is perhaps the 10th time i've seen a thread like this this week. There's a 'what songs' thread stickied... look at that first before you create a new one.

^ You speak the truth.

Anyways, here's the songs I suggested in another thread:

Easier ones:
Olympia, Wa
No One Else
Say It Ain?t So
Good Riddance
Bleed Black
Silver And Cold
In My Life
Aliens Exist
The Scientist
Boys in the Hood
Letters To You
Yoshimi, Pt.1
Times Like These
Banana Pancakes
Inaudible Melodies
Sitting Waiting Wishing
Hear You Me
Can?t Take My Eyes Off You
Muscle Museum
Plug in Baby
Soldier?s Poem
Lake Of Fire
Last Kiss
Fake Plastic Trees
High and Dry
Island In The Sun
The Good Life
Behind Blue Eyes
Empty Apartment
I So Hate Consequences
I Could Have Lied
Under The Bridge

Harder ones:
Minuet in G
Nothing Else Matters
Bedroom Acoustics
Fade To Black
Turkish March (quite hard to get up to speed)
5th Symphony
Classical Soul (very hard)
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Ok thanks guys.. I already know:

Nothing Else Matters
Stairway to Heaven
Classical Gas
Tears in Heaven
Good Riddance
Behind Blue Eyes
Under the Bridge

But ill check out some of the other ones.
here's a few

10,000 maniacs - because the night
10,000 maniacs - these are the days
3 doors down ? be like that
3 doors down ? here without you
3 doors down ? kryptonite
3 doors down ? landing in london
3 doors down ? so i need you
3 doors down ? the road i?m on
3 doors down ? when i?m gone
alice in chains ? brother
alice in chains ? frog
alice in chains ? no excuses
alice in chains ? nutshell
alice in chains - over now
alice in chains - rooster
alice in chains - would
allman brothers band - melissa
the band - weight
the beatles ? blackbird
the beatles ? day tripper
the beatles ? hard days night
the beatles ? hey jude
the beatles ? love me do
the beatles - michelle
the beatles - rocky raccoon
the beatles - yellow submarine
better than ezra - desperately wanting
better than ezra - extra ordinary
better than ezra - good
better than ezra - heaven
better than ezra - in the blood
better than ezra - lifetime
better than ezra - wallflower
black crowes - hard to handle
black crowes - she talks to angels
blind melon - no rain
james blount - you're beautiful
blue merle - burning in the sun
blue merle - stay
blues traveler - runaround
boston - more than a feeling
john butler - ocean
the byrds - turn, turn, turn
eric clapton - layla
eric clapton - tears in heaven
eric clapton - wonderful tonight
coldplay - beautiful world
coldplay - clocks
coldplay - green eyes
coldplay - fix you
coldplay - proof
coldplay - shiver
coldplay - speed of sound
coldplay - swallowed in the sea
coldplay - the scientist
coldplay - trouble
coldplay - warning sign
coldplay - yellow
counting crows - long december
counting crows - colorblind
counting crows - mr. jones
counting crows - round here
credence clearwater revival - bad moon rising
credence clearwater revival - down on the corner
credence clearwater revival - proud mary
sheryl crow - all i wanna do
sheryl crow - every day is a winding road
sheryl crow - first cut is the deepest
sheryl crow - my favorite mistake
sheryl crow - soak up the sun
sheryl crow - strong enough
the cure - just like heaven
dave matthews band - #41
dave matthews band - all along the watchtower
dave matthews band - ants marching
dave matthews band - bartender
dave matthews band - big eyed fish
dave matthews band ? the best of what?s around
dave matthews band - busted stuff
dave matthews band - captain
dave matthews band - christmas song
dave matthews band ? crash
dave matthews band - crazy
dave matthews band - crazy-easy
dave matthews band - crush
dave matthews band - cry freedom
dave matthews band ? dancing nancies
dave matthews band - digging a ditch
dave matthews band - don't drink the water
dave matthews band - the dreaming tree
dave matthews band - dreams of our fathers
dave matthews band - drive in drive out
dave matthews band ? everyday
dave matthews band - fool to think
dave matthews band - good good time
dave matthews band - grace is gone
dave matthews band - granny
dave matthews band - grey street
dave matthews band ? hello again
dave matthews band - help myself
dave matthews band ? jimithing
dave matthews band - joyride
dave matthews band - let you down
dave matthews band - lie in our graves
dave matthews band - lover lay down
dave matthews band - minarets
dave matthews band - one sweet world
dave matthews band - pay for what you get
dave matthews band - pig
dave matthews band - proudest monkey
dave matthews band - rapunzel
dave matthews band - raven
dave matthews band - recently
dave matthews band - rhyme & reason
dave matthews band - say goodbye
dave matthews band - the space between
dave matthews band - so much to say
dave matthews band - stay (wasting time)
dave matthews band - the stone
dave matthews band - sugar will
dave matthews band - too much
dave matthews band - tripping billies
dave matthews band - two step
dave matthews band - typical situation
dave matthews band - what would you say
dave matthews band - what you are
dave matthews band - when the world ends
dave matthews band ? where are you going
howie day - collide
deep blue something - breakfast at tiffany's
eagles - hotel california
eagles - tequila sunrise
everlast - what it's like
extreme - more than words
flaming lips - yoshimi
fleetwood mac - big love
fleetwood mac - landslide
fleetwood mac - never going back again
foo fighters - everlong
the fray - over my head
fuel - hemmorage (in my hands)
fuel - hideaway
fuel ? shimmer
goo goo dolls ? black balloon
goo goo dolls ? broadway
goo goo dolls - iris
goo goo dolls - long way down
goo goo dolls - name
goo goo dolls ? slide
david gray - babylon
david gray - this year's love
green day - good riddance (time of your life)
ben harper - burn one down
hawthorne heights - ohio is for lovers
hootie and the blowfish ? hold my hand
hootie and the blowfish ? let her cry
jack johnson ? banana pancakes
jack johnson ? better together
jack johnson - bubble toes
jack johnson ? cryin shame
jack johnson - flake
jack johnson ? rodeo clowns
jack johnson - sitting, waiting, wishing
jack johnson - taylor
jack johnson - times like these
john butler trio - attitude
john butler trio - betterman
john butler trio ? home is where the heart is
john butler trio - inspiration
john butler trio - life ain't what it seems
john butler trio ? peaches and cream
john butler trio ? pickapart
john butler trio ? somethings gotta give
john butler trio ? treat yo? mama
john butler trio - zebra
led zeppelin ? babe I?m gonna leave you
led zeppelin - braun yr aur stomp
led zeppelin ? stairway to heaven
lifehouse - blind
lifehouse - come back down
lifehouse - hanging by a moment
lifehouse - sky is falling
lifehouse - spin
lifehouse - take me away
lifehouse ? you and me
lynyrd skynyrd - simple man
lynyrd skynyrd - sweet home alabama
marcy playground - sex and candy
mason williams - classical gas
matchbox 20 ? push
dave matthews - gravedigger
dave matthews - oh!
dave matthews - so damn lucky
dave matthews - stay or leave
john mayer - your body is a wonderland
john mayer - why georgia
edwin mccain - i'll be
metallica ? nothing else matters
alanis morissette - hand in my pocket
alanis morissette - hands clean
alanis morissette - head over feet
alanis morissette - i was hoping
alanis morissette - ironic
alanis morissette - joining you
alanis morissette - perfect
alanis morissette - you learn
alanis morissette - you oughta know
alanis morissette - your house
van morrisson - brown-eyed girl
nickelback - photograph
oasis ? champagne supernova
oasis ? wonderwall
pearl jam - better man
pearl jam - corduroy
pearl jam - daughter
pearl jam - evenflow
pearl jam - given to fly
pearl jam - jeremy
pearl jam - last kiss
pearl jam - yellow ledbetter
tom petty - free fallin
tom petty - mary jane's last dance
phish ? dirt
phish - farmhouse
phish - waste
pink floyd - breathe
pink floyd - wish you were here
daniel powter - bad day
pure prairie league - amie
red hot chili peppers - aeroplane
red hot chili peppers - californication
red hot chili peppers - dani california
red hot chili peppers - desecration smile
red hot chili peppers - dosed
red hot chili peppers - my friends
red hot chili peppers - otherside
red hot chili peppers - scar tissue
red hot chili peppers - under the bridge
bob seger - against the wind
bob seger - like a rock
bob seger - main street
bob seger - night moves
bob seger - still the same
bob seger - turn the page
bob seger - you'll accompany me
semisonic - closing time
sensefield - save yourself
seven mary three - cumbersome
smashing pumpkins - disarm
staind ? outside
steppenwolf - magic carpet ride
cat stevens - peace train
stone temple pilots - creep
stone temple pilots - interstate love song
stone temple pilots - plush
stone temple pilots - vasoline
story of the year - until the day i die
james taylor - fire and rain
james taylor - sweet baby james
james taylor - you've got a friend
third eye blind ? how?s it gonna be
third eye blind - jumper
third eye blind - never let you go
third eye blind - semi-charmed life
tonic - if you could only see
yellowcard - ocean avenue
^ Please tell me you have a little .txt file somewhere that has all of those on there, haha

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^-- i just made it before i posted that. there were at least like 5 different "what songs" threads just on the first page. it's getting ridiculous.
How about ANY Ragtime song? haha, say the entertainer. Or check out jorma kaukonen for some of that piedmont style stuff. its really cool.
^-- i didn't think of it when i was making that list. i'll add it though. good song.
wow that was a crap load of songs haha

but what about dylan??
or some john fogerty??
or some john denver??
or some fleetwood mac??
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