You're good...really good.

I felt like I was listening to SRV covering BB King...that's not a bad thing.

Your tone was also great...what are you using?

I also loved your whole lotta love cover...except you forgot to switch riffs for the chorus ("wanna whole lotta love"). Other than that, it sounds great. The solo's right on.

Good freakin' job, man.

Care to check out mine?

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thats cool man what gear ya got?


I use a Gibson LesPaul Studio through a Line6 Guitar Port and i record with audacity

the Guitar Port is great b/c it has alot of different amp models and effects...
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How is the port through amps?

its not.. it uses amp modeling software which mimics some of the really top end amps of the past 40 years or so. Line6 just does a really good job of mimicking their tone.
So is it the Live version that you use as an effect pedal to go with your amp, say if your gigging?
no if im gigging i just use my peavey classic 30.. its a tube amp so it sounds so much better than anything ive used before it.. the only effect i'll use when i play live is wah.. i have the Budda wah + volume swell.. the type of music i play really doesn't need any other effects
Ahh.. gotcha. I need a bigger amp myself.. I would love a Marshall half-stack, which my dad use to have but he sold it.. and now he wants it back so bad. heh.
Amazing like always.
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Yeah we play a lot.. BTW.. Someone (a friend of his) just sent him a Rivera Hundred Duo 100W Tube amp.. for free. Has more power than the Marshall.. although the distortion might not be quite as good.. the clean channel owns Marshall.. and this amp is also really good for blues. Can't wait till I can really turn it up.
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Yo. Great Lenny Cover. How did you lean to play?

took lessons for a couple years then just started learning solos and practicing stuff on my own.. i need to start taking lessons again, really motivates you
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Amazing like always.

thanks mang, long time no see.. actually im gonna go check out your dmusic now and see if you've posted any new stuff