would go well with an E6 chord? I've been using the progression:

E6 Bm Bbm and a chord I have no idea the name of 002102 (maybe it doesn't exist?).

Anyway, it just doesnt progress right, especially from the E6 to the Bm. I don't know much about theory at all...thanks in advance.

That chord looks to me like a E11. Now with the chord progression I don't hear much of a problem with the E6 and Bm chord, I hear the problem with Bm and Bbm, they are to close together in the tonal factor and don't sound alright, put in my terms. But it could also be how Im playing it as well
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Well, I think I changed it.

E6 to E11 (as one person called it 002102) to Dbm then at one point I go from E6 to Am to E (but I'm not sure if im keeping that).

Thanks for the help anyway!
If you're trying to set up a progression in the key of E major...

F#min OR maj (I found the II chord to sound cool)
A (perfect IV)
B (perfect V, good for ending or leading back to E)
C#min (vi chord is the most widely used minor chord out there)
and if you want to make things lead from or to that E, using an Eb in the bassline can be quite effective, although I think vii chords can be pretty nasty.

Any variations on the above could work, as well as several others, but that's the simplest way of putting it.

I wouldn't use Bb simply because E->Bb is a tri-tone and it can be very ugly for a singer to try and match notes in that region.
^Pratt121's got the idea. The chord is E6, i.e. E major six, meaning 1 3 5 6 from E major. Since there's nothing else to suggest it's anything other than ionian, then we stick with the standard seven chords for a major scale, this one for E major:

I Emaj
ii F#m
iii G#m
IV Amaj
V Bmaj
vi C#m
vii D#dim

If you want extended chords (going off the premise that you have an extended E-chord, your E6, in the progression), you have the options of...

I Emaj7
ii F#m7
iii G#m7b9
IV Amaj7#11
V B7
vi C#m7
vii D#m7b5

Just play around for good resolutions. The idea above that suggests your progression doesn't resolve well bcause of the presence of both a B and a Bb chord is pretty dead on... Bb is the b5 of Emajor, and that's a dissonant tone to use. Plus, in standard progression as shown above, B is major or dominant seven chord in the key of E, NOT minor. You can still make it minor granted you like the sound, but since you said that you didn't like it, the changes you might be looking for are above.

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