Okay, a few weeks ago, i got the body and the neck (including the headstock) of an older model squier strat, stripped clean. I was looking in to building my own custom guitar, and when i got around to looking for parts, and actually doing everything to build the guitar, i had no idea what i was doing. So i had a few questions.

1. Where exactly do i start?
2. Is there any way to get a non expensive set of pickups other than the single coils that come standard on a strat? Im looking for a new, better sound, im getting tired of the strat sound.
3. I want to get it detailed (i guess thats the term for it). Its a solid black, and i was going to get one of my friends to paint something cool on it. Do i have to remove the old layer of paint, put on a new one, paint on that, then apply a finish?

A little reminder. I dont know too much about the workings of a guitar, and im hoping this build will help me to learn about the guitar, the wiring, and the possibilities in sounds and wiring. Progress on the build will undoubtedly be slow seeing as how im only fourteen with no source of income, and little knowledge of what exactly im doing. So any help is greatly appreciated!

best place to start would be do any body mods like paint first. cuz the color will affect the color of the pickguard and stuff. plus while the clear is hardening you can be getting the parts to put in it. but as for paint if the old paint isnt too bad you could just scuff up the clear coat and do graphics over the old stuff.
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