lol, i just made up the name, anyways, i really liked this one, except for the last riff, well i like it, but sometimes i dont think it fits, what do you guys think? Any comments are greatly appreciated, thanks!
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Yes with that riff lol. This is the kind of stuff I like to write and listen as well.
Similar to Iron Maiden and little bit of Avenged Sevenfold.
I hope there's more to it. Nice work.
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pray for plagues or off the heezay by bring me the horizon both great songs specially when ur at a pit at trhe reall show
cool thanks, i dont get to play as much as i used to, due to my recent growth in family, (excuses, i know) lol, but so when i get an idea, i just try to get it down as fast as possible, and i tend to leave things out, like bars for instance, lol, but thanks a bunch for the comments!
I liked it a lot, and I personally thought the last riff was great. Definitely should finish this up at some point. The strings helped too.
Sounds good. I like the third riff the best, followed by the second, and then the first. Don't get me wrong, I like them all, just the first not as much as the other two. I like how the the guitars are doing the same thing and then they go and do different things and end up back in the same place. Are you going to make separate songs out of all of these or try to combine them into one song? They're similar enough that they might work in the same song, but I would probably break it up into three songs.

Thanks for the crit.
i was planning on making them into all one song, the last one is pretty much temporary, but the rest is staying, im just not quite sure how i want it to sound, so when i do, you will here it, lol, thanks for the comment. . .
That was pretty cool, it's really catchy in my opinion. Keep up the good work. I liked the last riff by the way.
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cool riffs, the last one definitely fits in....but it sounds like it's missing something, like it's a bit empty. i can't quite put my finger on it though. crit mine if you've got the time. they're in my sig.