That was the single worst thing I've heard in my life.

Like, wow.
Looking for my India/Django.
Ouch. I don't know much about ****core but that seemed to me like a bunch of 14 year old banging on trash cans.
Were you guys even making music? Is this a joke? I can't say anything good about it, I'm sorry.
uhm... not good.

but funny
- When I was your age Pluto was still a Planet. - anonymous
Lol , are you trying to copycat deicide? Honestly , I've heard some very brutal and black , death shi** but this is just too much friend. Melting the pick amongst the strings and screaming your ass off aint music.. try putting some cool main riffage and work on the vocals a little bit , and btw I am not trashing your song , just giving you some advice... and besides , all the death and deathcore and i dunno bands started this way . you may have a brilliant future ..
if you want , you cant crit mine , just say you wanna crit it and i'll give you the url..
I put a dollar in a change machine. Nothing changed.
I loved the use of melody. It created a very serene atmosphere and... o what the ****