As i'm getting a job this summer i'm able to get a new guitar, i've been playing for bout 3-4 years. I play mostly 70's punk, some classical rock (led zep, and all the others that everyone else plays, i some time play blues and occasionally metal. Amp wise i have a Vox AD50VT. I was thinking about getting an epiphone les paul but i was wondering if anyone could come up with some more suggestions? my budget is 300 - 500 GBP and i may increase it slightly if its worth it. So any help?
i really suggest saving up your money and getting a gibson les paul, i would really reccommend the les paul classic. when you buy top quality gear it will not depreciate as much and the quality will be better. look at used ones maybe even a gibson sg standard
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honestly try the gibson sg faded it is great for the price(between 850-1050 new),but if you really want a les paul save up for a gibson, its worth it if you really want one. you could try a MIM fat strat which is around 590 i think
he doesnt have the money for glp! go to a music store, test out guitars that look cool to you and find one that fits your sound. but before you buy it, go home and read reviews about it. find your own sound.

check out some epiphone les pauls, fender telecasters, fender stratocasters, ibanez hollowbodies, stuff like that.
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i'll probably test out a fender telecaster MIA cause theres gonna be a deal on them for 599GBP, is that worth it? Can you recommend any other brands besides all the well known ones cause i'd rather not pay for a guitar where half of my money has been for the name
schecter = very versitile
schecter = best for the price IMO
schecter = cool looking
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