I spit out songs like little pills
And the world gets high on fickle fame
They don't see what parts I have killed
They don?t see that I'm venting pain

I don't write just to pass the time
I don't scream without reason
I do this just to stay alive
I know you don't believe it

But the world I was born into
Is not a world I belong in at all
If you stand up they'll shoot at you
It takes a brave-hearted fool to stand tall
In a world so hostile as ours

I walk this line, so vague and blurred
As the battle rages on around
I can't translate this into words
The way this world can get me down

I don't bleed just to show off scars
I don't live for the masses
I do this for my damaged heart
To heal as time passes


I'm not hiding anymore
I'm not running anymore
I'm not frightened anymore
I'm not fighting anymore!

By the time we find ourselves
It's already too late for us
By the time we arrive in hell
It's already been said and done

And the world we made
We think that we can save


NOTE: This is about 2 things: why I write, and how friends sometimes read my lyrics or hear me sing them and say they sound "cool" but fail to see that there's either an underlying message or some very real pain inside of them.
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This couple was doing like this romantic shoot like in there house, and all of a sudden a clown walked in and jizzed on the guys face. That is the true meaning of christmas.

to depressed for me, but i guess people can relate, but ya, crit mine, its the Global Dimming/Warming one