I am really new to this whole guitar thing. And i got a guitar not more then a month ago and the pic board is craking and i would like to change it but i am not sure how to go about doing that. PLZ HELP?!?
what guitar do you have?
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the pic board? you mean the pic gaurd is cracking, then you got a bad guitar, do you have a warenty on it?
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teh lolz @ n00b...but seriously...just take out all the screws on the outside of the pickguard...

wait...waht kind of guitar do you have?
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dont you jstu pull them off?...i dunno...maybe there are some screws on the inside of the pickguard...i dont know...i havent taken my strat pickguard totally off yet...lolzsry

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Brad, you smell.

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brad you smell like my hairy left nut

thats what i thought cuz like my dad has like 80 guitars and all his just pull off but he is out of town this week and i cant get ahold of him
Wow, i wish i had a dad like yours.
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You just pull them off...you might have to get a shirt or something and slide part of it under..then pull hard..
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wouldn't the pickup selector also be a problem?

And lol @ the OP for breaking a brand new $500 guitar

lol yeah, what thingys? at the end of the guitar? do you mean the bridge?
Thanks everybody i figured it out. THey were just on there really well i had to use a screwdriver to get them off.
The problem with strat pickguards is that all the electronics are ATTACHED to the pickguard, hence you can not just take the pickguard off. My solution, buy a new pickguard.
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