Hey, I want to change the neck of one of my guitars because my hands have outgrown the frets and I want to get jumbo ones. About how much would this cost and how easy would it be?
You can just replace the frets but you might as well replace the entire neck providing you're playing a guitar where it is possible (eg: a Strat of any type)
you can get an entire Strat or Tele type neck made to your specifciations at warmoth for a bit over $200 if you have it finished as well. http://www.warmoth.com/guitar/necks/necks.cfm

And looking over the internet I see refretting a guitar would cost just as much, if not more if you get someone to do it for you professionally.

If you're brave enough to do it yourself the actual frets would cost less than $10, you just need to tools (and you're probably going to have to go get someone else to dress the frets for you unless you plan on investing in the tools required and doing it many times)
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Looking at that last post, you may as well try doing it yourself first, and if you you screw it up, just buy a new neck.
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