hey everyone...i wasn't sure where to post this but this seemed like a nice enough spot! i was having a couple questions with recording equipment. i have none because i don't wanna waste my money on something that is a piece of **** ya know? i think i need an actual machine like a 4 or 8 track recorder...any recommendations?? then i need a microphone...not sure what kinds are the best...and is there anything else i need to record a song??

please help!!!
I have heard alot of different things about the Fostex Mr-8 series. You can get one for under $300. For a mic, definitely go with a Shure SM57, because they can record anything really well and only cost $90.
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I'd suggest the MR-8HD by fostex. It's got a 40gb hard drive opposed to the 215mb crap you get with the Mr-8 standard. The HD model is only about 100 dollars more and it's definately worth the 15 or so extra hours of recording time. Plus it's, easy to transfre to your computer to mix/burn etc. For mic's any Shure, AKG, or even Nady will work well for a beginner such as yourself.
Yea the Fostex would be ur best bet look into a couple and post the ones u are interested and we can choose from there
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