Who here uses them?

You know like ebows, masses of effects.

I use two high-power magnets to get cool slides out of mine.
just...learn to play the guitar properly first then try all the crazy ****. although i will recommend a whammy pedal to you. i like ebows but i dont have a professional use for them so i havent bought one and btw, two high power magnets Will **** Up Your Pickups.
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I dont use the magnets near the pickups.

i think i will buy a whammy, but first im buying a fretless.
some slap variants, off-board bends, fretting and pulling the string away frome the fratboard, behind-the-nut bends...
I learned how to sweep on my bass.
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I learned how to sweep on my bass.

sweepings fun here's the full list of kewl experimental stuff:

whammy bar scratching
artifical harmonics
harmonic slides and hammer ons
my own take on les' flamenco style
billy sheehan's neck bending
off neck- bending
fretboard slapping (slap directly onto the frets... looks cool more than anything)
probably some other stuff that I personally wouldn't call experimental
I can bend the string up 2 steps. W00t! I also play diads and triads, either by flicking the strings, flemenco-style, grabbing the strings and letting them go at once (Commerford-style), or playing with my thumb. Flatpicking is cool, especially for string skipping. I slap harmonics and I'm learning advanced drum theory for my bass rhythm.
I use a pick, and scratch artificial harmonics while using a ya-ya effect. It's just used as a background though.
I can't remember the bassists name - but he uses TWO ebows (one for each pair of strings), hipshot de-tuner bridges and tuners, and a 36 fret, fretless bass

He uses a bow to I think, he's in one of my bass mags at home, ill update you when I go home
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This is kind of a minor one but... While playing fingerstyle, I slap the string with the end of my fingers while muting a string to simulate a slapped mute while playing fingerstyle. It is a very sharp mute, and stands out much more than a normal fingerstyle mute.

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I sometimes use my friends Ebow, sounds seriously nice. For those who dont know, an ebow gives you indefinite sustain. nice.
I plug my bass into my SYB-5 and then use an ebow on it.

very Emerson, Lake and Palmer sounding

with an octave pedal I can almost do the ending to "Lucky Man"
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I've been experimenting with sliding up into tapping. Also on my left hand, hitting all four strings and sliding up. I've also been working on a pop harmonic done all from the right hand.

And something I've been trying to get down for a while, bending harmonics.

Something I do on a regular basis, using my index finger as a pick.

But to me the best technique you can learn is how adjust your tone/volume knobs on the go.
Oh I have one I have been doing recently, since I have my Ibanez PD7 and Boss Compressor now, its using distortion and slap/ or finger style - hammer on harmonics (thats what I call it) where you play/slap a open (say the G string) and hammer on really lightly onto a harmonic position.
I've been trying to apply a Resgueado-ish type of strumming stroke on my bass to get that classic Spanish tone when doing rythm patterns for my band. I tried to apply it on my 4-stringer before but it sounded too muddy. Once I got a 6-stringer though the higher notes sounded closer tonally to that of a classic guitar so I got a better sounding strum. I've been playing around with tapping and polyrythms too and a bit of Jazz...
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Alright... I'm fairly new to the guitar and I keep messing up... do I put my fingers between the strings or on them or what?