I wound up purchasing a ravelle deluxe from the local guitar shop, and I love it to death. Problem is, when i crank the volume on my amp, the amp begins to make quite an annoying hum sound (quite loud too, almost like feedback yet not as screechy). The pickups in the guitar are Seymour Duncans (the JB4 and Jazz SH2). At lower volumes, everything's just fine...It's just when I crank the amp it starts making noise. Now I made the mistake of buying a marshall MG series (30DFX), but is this the only problem (the amp)? ...I can contain the noise by lowering the gain to about 4, or by selecting both pickups, as opposed to just the bridge or neck pickup...does anybody have any quick fixes, suggestions on what to do, etc? Everyone on this site has been extremely helpful with advice, and I'm sure I came to the right place. Thanks a ton in advance!
you should get a a isp noise gate, it well drastically reduce feedback and whatnot
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how much is a noise gate? does it effect the overdrive/gain at all? sorry it's offtopic but im sure the threadstarter would ask the same
it might be your amp breaking up. most solid state amps do
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