i need help with writing music. anybody got some tips or help? i really dont know where to go and i really want to start writing. if it helps the bands im into are led zeppelin, red hot chili peppers, audioslave and jimi hendrix.

thanks in advance guys

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what do you mean, you want to write music? and...? You don't know where to start??
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I don't know, I suggest start by just picking a key, since you don't know what you want at all, just pick one at random. Figure out some chords in that key, and then move things around until you get something decent.

What you get probably won't be that good, but you can take the better parts and continue to work with them.
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Theres a lot of things that can help you. For a start I would recommend having a look at some of the articles on this site, they can help get you going. Try to think what the point of your song is. If youve ever done story writing youll know that you first need to plan out what your stories about i.e characters, plot. try doing this with your songwriting. Think what your trying to put across, with words or notes. are you going to build suspense and where. Try to plan out as much as you can. hope that helped a bit.

Oh and try and learn as much theory as you can. Chords, scales, chord progressions, knowing theory will help you if you get stuck.
Great bands by the way. Especially Zepplin and the Chili Peppers.
Ok, if you're wanting to begin writing your own stuff, as Voldragon said, you have to think of the feel for your song before you write it. If you want something mellow and melodic or something driving and fast with lots of good lead work... whatever the case may be, you just need to decide this before before you start the writing process. After that, take a key and just start writing in it, switching around chords and ideas in different places until you have something you like.
what i think you should do is just not listening to music for a while. then hopfully you wont be playing something that sounds like someone else. just play around with different things until you like what you hear, then play with it some more until you really like it, just experiment. try to learn a little bit of music theory, it really does help. with a little music knowledge, you can know what chords will sound good together and what scale would work with the chords you use in your song. make sure that you like what your writing. dont play something just because other people like it. its your music so make it how you like it.