i know just about everyone and their mother covers this song, but i thought id give a go anyway. i used a backing track from guitar pro, one of the live performances so i think that gives it a little flavor. i know the solo needs a little work, and the end fill was just improv. let me know what you think.

wow that intro alone sounds just Like Wylde, maybe even better. Mind posting a link to the tabs you used?
What tab did you use for Find the Real.. I cant find a good one. I love all the ph's in crazy train .
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bc rich and a mg30 should give you a nice funk sound
Everything was awesome except for a few bad notes during the solo. Great job on the squeals.
Pretty Kick As$. Is that really how Wylde does it live?I think its sounds kinda cool. I didn't really notice many wrong notes in the solo, wasn't listening that carfully.
Amazing job. Those pinch harmonics are dead on Zakk style, great tone, too.

A couple bad notes in the solo, as mentioned before, but still a great job.

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Wow, loved the tone. The pinch harmonics sounded great too man, awesome job.
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your bed of razors cover is amazing. love it. what tab did you use?? and ur pinch harmonics in crazy train are amazing.
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i use a gnx3000 which has amp simulation on it. the amp i simulate for this song is marshall JCM2000 solo channel, with elestion g12-t70 speakers. the settings on the amp are gain 99, bass -3, mid12, treb 1, not extremely useful for a regular amp, but you get the idea. the effects used is a DOD 250 with gain at 47, and the level at 58. thats about it for the settings i use. i hope this helps.
You probably have some pretty hot pickups, and that amp simulator is probably kick ass

you are great.

the solo wasnt amazing, but nobody can do it like randy rhodes

due, your pinch harmonics are awesome
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