I play alot of different styles of music and I was wondering if this amp is versatile enough to handle them all. I'm planning on putting this head with the Vox V412BK 4x 12" guitar speaker Cab. I would like nice cleans all the way up to a good metal sound such as metallica. So what's your opinion?
This is an extremely versitile amp. And its also one of the best solid states/hybrids. If you want something even more versitile and even better, look at the AD120VTH. It has much more and is definately worth the little extra cash. http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Vox-AD120VTH-Valvetronix-Stereo-Head?sku=482489
I would go for the AD120VTH but that head and a cab with it is a little to far out of my price range.
The AD100VT combo would do just fine for a gig. Or A Valveking with a OD in front of it.
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I would definetly recommend that amp. I used to have it and I loved it. You could play with new tones all day.