I'm looking for anyone to jam with in Barrie. I have nobody to really just sit down and play with.

I like a lot of music. Tool, Pink Floyd, the Offspring, Iron Maiden, System of a Down, Eric Clapton, Death Cab for Cutie, the White Stripes, Pearl Jam, The Doors, Led Zeppelin, White Zombie, and more... And I'm always willing to listen to new music and learn new styles.

I play guitar and keyboard/piano. And I've been told I can sing, but I really don't like my voice.

My mother lives in Barrie and ill be up there to visit alot this summer so maybe? im 15 years old... and uumm do u play at the Music Pro alot, i always go there if i have spare time and jam.
Ya I live in Barrie. I play guitar and I am willing to jam with some new people cause my band is kind of not too serious. I am fifteen too, i think you mentioned that. We share some common intrests in music as well. I like alot of classic rock and blues rock, hell even jazz, though I don't play that too well. Add me on msn if you want. chrismccron@hotmail.com
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Yep, got your invite. I am leaving for a week though, this monday till sunday I'll be in Sarnia visiting my cousins. I'll have a computer while I am away it's just I won't be on too much, but we can propably talk and sort somethings out at some point during the week. I'll talk to you later then, peace.
Please help me by reviewing my lyrics