i'm in a band that plays the same venue consistently. its the only place we've ever played besides parties and its the only venue for 100 miles that really supports and gets into the music we play. we have the opportunity to play a local bar but the crowd is a lot of middleaged people that i feel wont really get into what we're playing. do you guys think we should take the gig or just keep with a crowd that digs our music?
The more variety and practice with different people, venues, environments the better i say. Go for it.
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keep playing that venue but look for other venues to get out to at the same time. its really good to have a place you play all the time. you develop a loyal fan base and people will keep coming and more will come if you play their regularly. also other venues will help you branch out to fans who dont go to that particular venue.

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yeh go back and play so system of a down lol that will ethir make them rock out or piss there pants from being scared
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so say we play this gig and we can tell the crowd didnt feel it, should we go back?

Go back and play as many times as you're invited. Playing only for people that love you will make you stagnant. Diverisity is good.
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Play anywhere you can. Our band played some biker bars before in which people only wanted to hear classic rock. It was still was another place to put on our resume. Start playing some places in which anyone can show up such as parks, university shows (we did an acoustic set and got a good mix), contact other local bands, etc.
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