I'm thinking of making an Effects pedal, probaly just something simple like overdrive or distortion to start with, can anyone recomend any thing to help, like schematics and stuff?
this should be in Gear Building & Customizing. there are a lot of people to help you there. do you have a soldering iron, solder, extra wire, tools, anything to start you off? If you have all that stuff, and you find a schemtic/layout, you will be able to order parts and everything. That Pink Queen will help you a lot if you need help. You should read about soldering and different types of parts before you start.

Good Luck

If you want to see the Marshall BluesBreaker overdrive I built and the journey through building it, the link is in my sig.
ther is a website that is amazing for this kinda stuff but i cant remember the url, if you do a search for guitar pedal building kits you may find it, but there are sites that tell you exactly how to do it and will even sell you the parts for it
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thanks, i was planning on making it in school for my AS- level so i should have everything i need toolswise, and thanks again
www.runoffgroove.com (layouts)
www.generalguitargadgets.com (layouts)
www.tonepad.com (layouts)
www.geofex.com (stuff)
www.schematicheaven.com (schematics)
www.smallbearelec.com (parts)

Theres only a few things to get you started.