when im tuning my guitar with the tuner if im tunning it on the trble pickup and then i switch to the neck i get slight different readings. Which would u suggest i use?
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Use the treble because more than likely, especially if you play distorted, you will use that more.
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Doesn't your tuner have an input? Plug into it rather than relying on the integrated mic.
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use whichever pick-up you use most. i use bridge most so i tune with the bridge one.
wat ever pick up u use most often tune it on that or if u want u can tune it on both bridge and neck together that might work
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Yeah, tune with what you use. It should be such a slight difference you cant really hear it.
with all the tuners ive used the easiest, most accurate way to tune is with the neck pickup. If the tuner tends to be jumpy, using the neck pickup will help a lot.