Well, I want to replace my pikcguard; I want to make it black with new pickups. But, my only problem is that my guitar is an Ashton AG132. It isn't a Strat copy, so I can't find parts for it.

Although, I have had a bit of luck. As you can see, it does not look like a Strat-style pickguard by looking at where it joins to the neck. But, it seems that the 22nd fret is actually on top of the pickguard, the pickguard goes underneath the fretboard. it looks as if it could be a Strat-style pickguard, but my guitar is rounder at the bottom than a Strat.

I think it may be possible to fit a Strat pickguard (HSS) in there, but how would I go about removing the neck (do I need to?) and pickguard to check the routs?

And if anyone can find pickguards for this model (which I doubt), or anything similar, please tell me.

My guitar:

other than your output jack isnt in the same pace your guitar looks identical to my squire strat...other than maybe a little different at the top.

i think a strat pickguard would work perfectly...and if your pickguard is under the fretboard like you suggested all you would need to do is loosen or maybe remove the strings ( which you will want to do anyways) , but i do not think that is the case
From what I can see at the 22nd fret, i'm pretty sure it's under the fretboard. And if it wasn't, the pickguard wouldn't be the right shape. Where it joins the neck, it looks too long for a Strat. Also, on a Strat, the knobs are closer to the pickups. I was thinking that might not be a problem if the electronics cavity is large enough.