looking for some easy solos i can learn. so far ive learned fade to black, you shook me all night long, nohting else matters, and a few others. any ideas?
bat country is pretty easy, so is i believe in a thing called love
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Detroit Rock City by KISS- Really simple solo. Also, Dani California seems popular these days eventhough it's a cheap Hendrix ripoff.
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mother russia, the number of the beast, blood brothers - Iron maiden
those are all easy and sound good
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bat country is pretty easy, so is i believe in a thing called love

Bat Country is shred. Isn't there tapping in that 'Love' song? Correct me if I'm mistaken...

Try 'Them Bones' by Alice in Chains. Kickass, easy solo, on a par with Nothing Else Matters.
theres already a thread like this
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or Money by Floyd...Wicked World by Sabbath...Heaven and Hell by Sabbath, what kinda of music are you into?
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