I have basically no limit on money, but less then 500 USA is best bet. Should I get a starter pack? Or a bass and a n amp sepretly? Which ones? Make, model, brand, etc...
I just bought a new Ibanez GSR200 Flame Maple for $165 (normally around $265) and a new Ashdown EB180 15" combo for $260 (normally around $350). I'm new to bass (been playing guitar for about 4 years, however), but I found these two to be of the best value. The Ibanez seems to play very fast and sounds good and the Ashdown sounds great (to my ear, at least) and is plenty loud (180 watts). Just shop around. Once you find something you like, you can usually talk the price down a bit.
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An Ibeanez is outta the quesition... My store doesn't carry them. They carry everything but Ibeanez....
If you can, buy an SX bass.... http://www.rondomusic.net You will find that all the reviews say they are much better than most other beginner basses.

If you are planning on playing in a band, check out an SWR LA12 amp. That will give you enough volume to play with a drummer.

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Yeah. I'm going to be gigging fairly soon after I start.
get a squier p-bass to begin and later on all other basses will make you love playing bass!
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Hmm... no limit? I could name a few basses which would cause you to rethink that statement. Considering how you're just starting out, I wouldn't think that you should spend more than $500 on your amp and bass combined. As for a bass try an ESP. Something like the F-104 or the B-154 would be something good to start on. As for the amp, don't get something like an 8x10 cab. But considering at how you say that you'll be gigging soon after you start, which I find highly unlikely unless you have an amazingly good teacher, try something like a Fender Bassman 2x10. That should give you plenty of volume.
well this is just my opinion, but this is wat youll need
a bass from rondomusic
amp with at least 5W or more
Picks, Strap, Instrument Cable, Tuner

the important thing about buying your first instrument, is to buy one that you think it looks good/cool/nice/watever. if you think the bass in the starter pack is cool, then get it. if you want a blue one, get a blue one, if you want red, get a red one, etc. if you dont like your bass you wouldnt want to play it, and that should be avoided, especially for starters.

what kind of bass do you want?(color, playability, shape, etc)
ibanez, SX, Yamaha, and Squiers are good enough for begginers.
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Or you could just use the search function of this forum, and go to a music store and try out basses?
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Stay away from SX. At my school i get to help the younger players with playing sugestions and stuff and one day i had to tune all there bass's. Well most of the bass's were fine (legend, squire and a greg bennet). But when i got to the SX i tuned it as normal and the machine head broke. Another time my mate was playing his bass and the E string span out of the machine head and snapped. Both times they had to buy new bass's.

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I really like Yamaha basses, i have an RBX170 (has seymour Duncans now), and it is great for me, nice range from the pickups and it plays nice.
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