Okay this question is based on people who actually plays these guitars so if you are giving me a review on a guitar that you never played the **** off.

OK I need your ups and downs on these guitars and efects I'm going to mentioned and please give me specific like there's fret buzz or the guitar has this type of sound or the effect has a cheap tone.

Gibson SG Standard
Schecter C-1 Elite
Fender Stratocaster Standard and American

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personally, and i dont know about anybody else, but my American Strat sounds amazing with my friends' Dunlop 535Q Crybaby...but thats just me...and there isnt that noticable of a buzz
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Ok, I can comment on the Fender Standard and USA Standard guitars.

Fender Standard Strat
Great feel. Really fast neck.
Nice, bright sound. Sounds good clean and distorted.
Tuners seemed sturdy.
Great price.

Variable quality. I've tried AMAZING ones, and also lackluster ones.

USA Standard Strat:
Everything that the regualr standard is, but with *slightly* better tone.

Way overpriced.

Overall, I'd go with a regular standard Strat and upgrade it a little. They can easily be just as goodas USA Standard Strats. Just shop around and find a good one first.

I've also never had fret buzz on either of the models.
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Gibson SG Standard:

A nice guitar. Good fret access, good weight, good tone. I don't really like them a lot, they aren't my style, but they are nice guitars. The vintage ones look great.

Schecter C-1 Elite:

Comes with an extremely above-average stock setup. Seymour Duncan pickups and Grover tuners. Paint job is very nice and the fretboard is very accessible. Probably the best guitar for this price.

Hope this helps.

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MIM Strat
UPS: Damn fine guitar at a nice price
DOWN: gee... i have one...are there any

MIA Strat
It's basically the same thing as the MIM, but overpriced

Schecter C-1 Elite
UPS: Wow... just.... wow....
DOWNS: Its not for everyone

UPS: Fast neck, good action, good fret access, damn fine lookin, not too shabby price
DOWNS: Sone people don't like the tone...
I'm going to play devil's advocate and say that I don't think American Series Strats are overpriced at all. Actually, for the wide variety of instruments that Fender offers, I think they have the best pricing scale in the business. You can get a SIGNATURE model Strat for the same price as a Les Paul Studio. MIA Strats are not overpriced.

Dunlop wahs aren't really that great. Vox and Morley make better products.
Hi, I'm Peter
i own the schecter c1 elite.

it plays great out of the box, but as usual, needs a setup.
i plan on upgrading the bridge pickup, just b/c i want to basically.
the duncan designed pickups are okay for stock.
the abalone binding is really sexy.
neck is a little thick, not good for shred type stuff.
every little line and contour, is just like, amazing. it is so beautiful its not even funny.
its good at being looked at for half an hour before bed.
thats about it.
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Fender Standard Strats:
Amazing guitars if you find a great one, I've had mine for about 2 years now, and I love it more and more every day, and it's still stock. Really nice sounding guitars and really playable.

The only downside is that you can get some lemons with MIM Strats, so try a hell of a lot.

Gibson SG Standard:

Really nice feeling guitars, amazing upper fret access, and they're great sounding too.

The only downside is that they're not as beefy sounding as Les Pauls.
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I dont own one but I've played one and know a lot of people who play them or simarlar models
Standard strat
UPs:Good for a lot of different music (best if you get one with 1 humbucker for more types of music) sounds pretty good but its best to change some of the stuff (With new pick-ups it shuold sound great)
DOWNs:The sound isnt great unless you change your pick-ups, only good for certain styles of music unless you mod it a bit
Gibson SG Standard


Classic looks and good solid feel

Trapezoid Neck inlays are sweet

Amazing resonance

Classic Rock tone many many styles and genres (it will make you sound like Angus well not exact but damn close )

Incredible Nitro-Lacquer finish (although some may put this in the Down's see below)

Fast accessible neck all the way up!!!

Easy tuner/bridge to adjust and get perfect setup - even for beginners


A little neck heavy - make sure you have strap locks of some sort

Finish can get a little gummy/sticky because of the Nitro but cleaning after each play will minimize this eventually

Perloid Tuners....wish the Standard used chrome finish but can live with it