vocals and all.

yes, my voice sounds crappy. 1) thats the way it is, and 2) my mic is a $10 P.O.S. from target. it sounds great when i mic my amp with it, but for vocals it sucks. but its all i got. i also added a couple of my usual pinch harmonics and harmonies to the song.

let me know what you think. dmusic link in sig.
#1 is right
#2 is right
The guitar isn't too bad...But you should invest in a decent vocal mic...the overall sound seems to be very muddy.
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i'm working on a better version, without vocals. it's coming along ok, trying to multitrack it and make a dual guitar sound and in stereo. only problem is my A string broke so i've gotta fix that and then i'll get it finished.


lol ok i got new strings and re-recorded it, no vox, guitar should dound better. added in different harmonized parts and i think they sound cooler. also made it sound like 2 guitars and it's in stereo instead of mono.
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