well they do pretty much sound the same but a walmart one doesnt sound like an ESP or Ibanez
First of all, why do you hate 4 strings?

Second of all, what do you mean there is only one sound?

Third of all, what is your pricerange?

Fourth of all, a rogue will play and sound like **** compared to pretty much every other brand.

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in bass playing it's more about the feel of the bass than the sound, if the bass feels good to play your playing will flow and almost always sound good.
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1st.I dont really know.I just like 5string better.everyone else plays 4 strings i idk 5 strings just make basses look more beefy and badass.What basses should seem like.

2st-idk i dont really know about bass.But its not like guitar..With guitar theres clean,heavy,blues,rock,punk sounds.WIth bass theres just a sound that can be used for everything like drums.Its just how you play it.

3rd.I dont want to spend alot becuase im not going to be real serious at it.And im not going to be in a band.I just want something differant.
First of all, there ARE a variety of sounds on bass. Deep fingerstyle funk/slap, fat and beefy reggae tone, bright picked punk, light and feathery jazz... just to name a few.

I would suggest an SX bass in that case. They top Squires and pretty much every other beginner bass. Rogue basses are really not good at all.

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Bear in mind that most 6 string basses are tuned B-E-A-D-G-C. Each string is tuned in 5ths, and there is a lower string and a higher string added to the typical 4 strings.

It is possible to tune it like a guitar, however it is more difficult and costly to find strings. Some people have said that you can order strings individually, although I am not sure where or what type of string.

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that makes sense...have him switch over from a guitar neck to a bass one thats twice as wide

I agree with what Incubus said on this topic...and definitely go with an SX bass, I've had my eye on that Ash body Jazz bass that only costs like $160...They kick Rogues ass by a longshot and Squier too...
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yeah SX basses are better than rogue and squier... in my opinion anyways
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