Mabey some of you have a Floyd that rusted. Mine has been for a while. It used to be a nice black but now it has little orange spots. So I've basically given up on trying to fix it. (unless you have tips)

So now I'm looking into buying a new Flody Rose. I don't know much about models and all that. I have a 6 string Yamaha RGX220. Could I just replace the bridge? I tune to Drop D so I was wondering if I could get a D Tuna. Is it just like the normal Floyd? (with a different tuning obviously) Prices? Any information about this would be great.

I'm willing to spend whatever it takes
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You're wiling to spend whatever it takes on that guitar or a new one...

Anyways, answering your question, i've seen the rgx and the original floyd rose or anything thats in the same patent "should" fit perfectly. Try looking into floyd roses from Gotoh, Schaller or 2nd hand originals from eBay.

As for the d-tuna, it should fit well in any OFR or at the same league.

Info on EVH D-Tuna - http://www.dtuna.com/
this site is having a sale http://www.universaljems.com/cart/bridgelocking.htm

Of course there are way cheaper methods, as in still using your old floyd rose and do maintainance to it.
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actually i believe the d-tuna only fits on ofr and the floyd needs to be non-recessed or you could damage your body when its on a recessed floyd