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S - S - S
5 12%
H - H
14 34%
H - H - H
2 5%
H - S - H
11 27%
H - S - S
9 22%
Voters: 41.
Hey, pick your favourite pickup configuration on a guitar and please leave a reason why. Thanks!

Also, can you tell me what you think of the Jackson Soloist? Thinking of buying one..
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h/s/h has good tonal variety
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None of those.

H/H +Coil Tap for me.
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ive always liked h-h but i looooove h-h-s, hum bridge, hum mid, single neck. you can really rock the **** out with those tones.

EDIT: ^^^ like he said above me. h-h with coil taps.

I'd rather just have a single Humbucker because I don't use my neck pickup too much.

If I couldn't have that, prolly HH
HHs. I dont dilute my humbuckers with no single coils. That aint how you rock.
H-S, preferbly in a telecaster
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HHS is my favorite.
Closely followed By HSH and HH with coil tapping. I love single coil in the neck position, its the perfect blues tone.
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SSS for Strats
HH for Gibsons.
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None of those.

H/H +Coil Tap for me.

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HSH- it basically means you have a les paul and strat in one.

of course, it's not just as good as either, but it's a damn good compromise. Especially if you only have one guitar.

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SSS with mini buckers and/or s1 switching.

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H - S.

Bucker for gain and distortion, neck single for cleans and no unnessecary middle pup.
whats wrong with h-h-h?

for real rockers, that is.
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