i'm looking at getting a shure sm57 and plugging it into my laptop, but realize that i need some sort of audio interface to go between these two things. i've been recommended a few and am contemplating which to get because none of them really go stellar reviews. my price range is about $100-200. i will be making songs in stereo, but only recording one track at a time. i need something that will enable me to make high quality recordings. any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
Check out the Line 6 Toneports, they're pretty cool! I really haven't gotten into creating all these tones (I have a nice clean one I use though that I made) but it comes in pretty nicely.
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i'll check those out. my amp has effects on it and so i really don't need to create many; i'm more concerned with the quality.

Well yes If u would like to mic ur amp the effects would be great, but for plugging in we arent only talking about effects here, we are talking about different models of amps and mixed effects like Gypsie Jazz and Fuzz Wah and stuff like that there is just so much u can do. Ill second the Toneport
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thanks for the recommendations. i'm thinking about getting the toneport, but am not sure between the $130 and $200 ones. i'd like to record piano and maybe percussion where 2 mics at a time would work a lot better, but we'll see. do you guys have recordings made with the toneport? maybe even with the toneport and an sm57?
^ i have ones made with a m-audio fast track and the sm57 if you are interested in that at all. my d-music account is in my sig and the top two songs were recorded with those two pieces of equiptment. ignore the vocals tho, i cant sing.