On limewire,How do you do it, when ever i download is it says it has a virus or something and it does it for everyone i try to download, How exactly do i download it thr right way,Thanks
Buy it.
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don't use livewire?

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downloading copyrighted programs are illegal in all/most countries. my friend tried to do it with lmewire and got the same problem...
even if you use bittorent youll probably have the same virus problem. and again, its illegal
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u cant get 5 just get like 4 or something thats what i got off of limewire lol
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I'm pretty sure threads like this are against the rules, but whatever.

That's what you get for using Limewire for anything but music... a virus.
hmmmmmmm why doesnt the sound work on my guitar pro 4/5 anymore?

maybe i am retarded and cannot find the sound button.
where can i download the full version of GP5 for free?? does anyone know plx?
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LoL this thread is like going up to a cop and asking him if he knows a good place to buy some good quality pot...

but as a general rules, never EVER download .exe files off of limewire. The chances of getting a clean one is slim, the chances of getting one thats a full version, and not just partially downloaded is even slimmer. Bit torrent is usually safer, people dont usually put viruses in bit torrent, because people arnt gonna find a viral torrent file nearly as easily as on limewire...

Anywayz, stop breaking the law, its wrong and immoral...brb...

Sorry I had to check to make sure these songs I downloaded sounded good

I downloaded mine and its great!

its the one called Guitar.Pro.Full.5.0.RSE.Retail (if its still there)
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Torrents are great. I set it going overnight, so I went to bed and woke up in the morning with guitar pro 5!
Download the free version from their website.

Then PM me.

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I would be happy to upload a torrent program and GP5 torrent here, or would it be against the rules?
buy a metronome and do it the old fashioned way...print the tabs
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