I'm trying to play the song "You and Me" by Lifehouse. The problem is that I can't continously strum the song while changing the chords. I saw some live videos of Jason Wade strumming the song and his hand continously goes without pausing.

I recorded myself strumming along other songs and I've got the same problem. Although I memorized the chords and everything, there's a slight pause between the chords.

This really bums me out. I hope someone can help. Thanks in advance!
you dont want to hear this but the only way its going to happen is by practicing the song. a lot. i mean a lot. its a bummer but its the only way
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Make a list of chords. Start strumming to a beat(metronome), play thru all chords. Repeat until you flow thru them effortlessly. Then learn songs.
focus on the strumming pattern, teach your hand to keep strumming the whole time and the chord changes will come naturlay. Make your hands work independent of eachother.