1. the ramones
2. descedents
3. the dickies
4. screeching weasel
5. the vandals
6. ALL
7. millencolin
8. pennywise
9. offspring (old stuff)
10. MxPx
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Here's my list(ish.) This is ****ing hard to do. So many amazing bands.

Pop Punk:
1. Blink 182
2. The Starting Line (Just to make the emo list easier on me)
3. BoxCar Racer
4. Fenix TX
5. Girl Repellent
6. Don't Look Down
7. Green Day
8. Millencolin
9. Angels & Airwaves
10. School Boy Humor

1. Copeland
2. The Early November/I Can Make A Mess
3. Dashboard Confessional
4. Bright Eyes
5. Armor For Sleep
6. Brand New
7. Thursday
8. Saves The Day
9. Taking Back Sunday
10. Further Seems Forever
pop punk

1. blink 182
2. Sum 41
3. Nofx
4. Yellowcard
5. New Found Glory
6. boxcar racer
7. Angels and Airwaves
8. Mxpx
9. Green Day
10. Fenix TX

1. Scary Kids Scaring Kids
2. Hawthorne Heights
3. Taking Back Sunday
4. Bullet for my Valentine
5. Armor for sleep
6. UNDERoath
7. Thursday
8. story of the year
9. brand new
10. saves the day
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This is hard... but I'll give it a shot...

1. Weezer
2. Punchline
3. Fall Out Boy (First album is still one of my favs)
4. Starting Line
5. Anberlin
6. Ataris
7. Descendents
8. Audio Karate
9. Blink 182
10. Rufio

4.Taking Back Sunday
5. Brand New
6. Spill Canvas
7. Halifax
8. Jack's Mannequin/SoCo
9. I Can Make a Mess/ Early November
10. Armor For Sleep

Ok, ok. So my pop-punk list is extremely questionable, sue me
Jets to Brazil
The Bouncing Souls
Blink 182
Green Day
The Offspring
Jimmy Eat World
Armor for Sleep

And seriously, almost none of the bands being listed are emo. I guess Jimmy Eat World is to blame.

The only emo I listen to-REAL emo-is Jawbreaker and Minor Threat, so I wont bother making a list
1. The Ataris
2. Weezer
3. The All-American Rejects
4. Blink-182
5. The Offspring
6. The Academy Is..
7. Plain White T's
8. Cartel
9. Me first and the gimme gimmes
10. Boxcar racer

1. Emery
2. Underoath
3. Thrice
4. Thursday
5. The Spill Canvas
6. Brand New
7. Boys Night Out
8. Copeland
9. Chiodos
10. The Early November

I probably ****ed up my genres but whatev. *shrugs*
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1.brand new
2.dashboard confessional
3.taking back sunday
5.scary kids scaring kids
7.bright eyes
8.something corporate
9.senses fail
10. oh did i mention brand new
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1. Fall Out Boy
2. Panic! At The Disco
3. Paramore
4. Yellowcard
5. Cartel
6. The Starting Line
7. Number One Gun
8. Anberlin
9. JamisonParker
10. Busted

1. Taking Back Sunday
2. Straylight Run
3. Thursday
4. Brand New
5. The Used
6. Armor For Sleep
7. Something Corporate/Jack's Mannequin
8. Copeland
9. Mae
10. Bayside
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1. Blink-182
2. Say Anything
3. Alkaline Trio
4. Taking Back Sunday
5. Jimmy Eat World
6. Weezer
7. Something Corporate
8. McFly
9. Yellowcard
10. Box Car Racer


1.Funeral For A Friend
2. Sunny Day Real Estate
3. Spill Canvas
4. Brand New
5. Finch
6. Thursday
7. Mineral
8. Elliott
9. Alexisonfire
10. Heroin

I would've put some bands like Bright Eyes, CTTS and AFI in the emo list, but I never thought of them and all that. I've used the term "emo" pretty loosely here. Deal with it.
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