anyone know those songs that he plays and sings to in portugese in the movie life aquatic?
Hmm weird that you bring this up, I think I might have that rented.

I know most of the songs are David Bowie songs... if I have the time to watch the movie, I'll try to write down the songs that I recognize.
ah sweet. i was just thinking about that movie for no reason really. its summer and im bored and i need something to play. well if you get those songs thanks.
I actually posted asking for the tabs of these songs too .... They are by an artist named Seu Jorge who is very popular in Brazil. All of the songs he does in Life Aquatic are David Bowie covers.

I've looked everywhere for the tabs but I can't seem to find em.
Bahhh. Movie got returned before I could watch it.

That's a sweet list though, and yes, Life on Mars is an awesome song.