Im thinking about doing a custom Fender job. If i do, im planning to purchase a Fender Stratocaster with double humbuckers (the Fender HH) and removing the pickups. I want to put a Seymour Duncan Invader in the Bridge and i dont know what yet in the neck. Then im planning on buying a longer, wider neck so it is easier to solo.

The type of sound im trying to achieve-well i mostly play rock/punk rock/punk pop (Blink, Sum 41, Pennywise, AVA,) and a tad of metal. I want the Seymour duncan because it sounds sexy when you crank it up and the neck longer because on my current 21 fret Squire i cannot solo such things as The Bitter End by Sum 41 which requires 22 frets. So my questions are-

1) does this seem like a worthwhile project

2)How long do Stratocaster necks come? im thinking around 24-28 frets is what i would like to have

3)What pickup in the Neck? Is the Bridge pickup right? i want to be able to play metal and punk rock/punk pop/ whatever you want to call it all from there. Basically...any pickup ideas?

Thanks for helping me out in advance.
fender necks only come in 22 frets but you can get another neck with 24, they dont really make necks with anymore than 24 frets, and for punk/pop punk stuff go with some Seymour Duncan SH-4 JB (bridge)/ SH-2 Jazz (neck) combo, or maybe the invader/jazz combo, the jazz will get good cleans

look on eBay for all kinds of necks
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where could i buy a neck? i just looked on musicians friend and i couldt find any right off the bat...i will keep searching but where can you buy necks?
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