I saw two shows today, separate from each other (Men In Black and Monk..), both which had Tony Shalhoub in em..heh.. and they both had a lot of guitars, including Strats.

Do pawn shops really have lots of guitars like that? Are they usually gross?
anyone have any luck finding stuff from a pawn shop?
I found my Ovation Celebirty Deluxe at a pawn shop for 300 bucks. it was in mint condition and came with the case and everything...it was probably stolen from somewhere, but who cares, its pretty. But yeah man, you can find good stuff in pawn shops, just gotta look for them, dig through the dirt, and you might just find some gold.
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just one thing... if ur not too much of an expert you NEED to take some1 with you to help you examine the guitars imo...
yeh, you gotta know what to look out for when buying from pawn shops and do your research before you go