Im so ****ing boring to play songs that the bass do the same that the guitar or plays the same note in a bar.

I want something different.

Actually the only bands that the bass sounds very good (very creative, they do different things that the guitar, etc) is Mudvayne, Dream Theater and Tool.

Can anyone recommend me other bands or songs that the bass sounds cool like the bands that I mencioned? I dont care the style (if is Metal, Jazz, Blues, Funk, etc). Any propuse is accepted.
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some bands might be lamb of good there bass is really good
red hot chili peppers flie is amazin and hes bass lines r outstanding
motor head
coheed and cambria
there are some bands for ya
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learn to play maxwell murder by rancid..bass solo included

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Try listening to music other than rock and metal - open your mind. I've recently learnt the Sinfonia by Bach, still mastering it of course.

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learn classical thump, that'll keep you busy.

The only thing CP is good for is to say "hey, watch me play this, i'm so ****ing good aren't i?"

Here's a crazy idea.... WRITE YOUR OWN BASSLINES
how about Aeroplane- RHCP
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Evilheart- well, it seems that you wanna keep in the rock/metal/progressive vein of music, so I'm gonna point you in the way of Coheed and Cambria (Time Consumer especially), Mudvayne's earlier stuff- say, Internal Primates Forever and Death Blooms... pretty much any Tool... and RUSH
Iron Maiden?

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