I dont get it. I know so many people that LOVE Deerhoof, but i dont understand it. THe only song I really enjoy is Running Thoughts on the Runners Four album. But everything else just sounds like a little asian girl whining.
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They're ok. I'm not a huge fan, but i enjoy their stuff.

A band that sometimes sounds similar but imho is much better, is Melt Banana. Nobody ever talks about Melt Banana in here but they rock. They lean much more towards punk and noise rock and generally have a more harsh sound, but Deerhoof reminds me of them because they both have the same juxtaposition of girly vocals (as you put it: "a little Asian girl whining") and dissonant, avant-gardish instrumentation. Which i think makes for some really interesting sounds.
Melt Banana are good, but Deerhoof are better. 'The runners four' was fairly lame though (in my opinion), check out 'Milk man', that's their best.
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Everyone loves Deerhoof because they have such great catchy riffs, really great interesting drumming, and the fun cute little vocals of Satomi. It all ads up to one really fun band. The Runners Four, as Andrew said, isn't there best. You shouldn't judge them on that, you should judge them on Apple O', Revielle, and Milk Man.
Ill try and give them another chance i guess. I did see them at Coachella and they were pretty good, but thats live.
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Ill try and give them another chance i guess. I did see them at Coachella and they were pretty good, but thats live.

They had a real good show at Coachella this year. Here is a video that I took.


Truly Ninja, here is a bunch of pictures of coachella that I took if you want to see them.

no way are melt banana better. theyre simply an aquired taste. i think their music is fun and sorta takes me to another place so to speak, u liek it or u dont
Theyre never boring. Theyre so spastic and exciting! And I happen to love The Runners Four. Its my album of the summer. But i think the guitarist left the band or something? They won't be the same after him. He was awesome.
deerhoof play artsy, noisy music with the fannish enthusiasm of your local garage punk band. who could ask for more ? satomi can be weird, but shes no harder to enjoy than david thomas or frank black
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