nice, i think the tab you used were a little off specially on the solo's, didnt sound much like the original, but not bad, and man you sing just like floyds 8+/10
Was alright, seems everyone is covering the scientist lately(including myself), but what are vocals when u cant hear them?? Your chorus seemed ok lacked a lil bit of power and i had to 'try' to listen to them...
Good job, but ya shouldnt have to try and listen to the vocals, in this song, they are the song hehe
The harmonica was killer by the way, loved it
awww nooooooooooooo "awwwwwwwww oooooooooooooooooooooo" at the end?
Work to live, not live to work.
no more awoooooo for me thank you! i sound like an idiot when i try doing it. the harmonica was done by the harmonica player in my band by the way
yeah and with the solos on 'wish you were here', i just made them up
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