Ok fellas, I have played acoustic for a while but recently purchased a highway one telecaster

anyways about a week ago my low e string broke on me and i just today got around to putting on some new strings (fender super 250L's)

the strings seemed to go on fine, i've tuned them correctly and they dont seem to be touching any frets, however the two strings that i replaced (yes only two) have a very strange sound to them which was not present in the original strings. They sound a little buzzy, but the best way to describe them is they almost sound more acoustic-like in nature. My tuner says they are at the right pitch and tuned, yet they indeed sound much lower and even out of key than they ought to.

My question is has anyone had this experience and can anyone elaborate on common restringing problems which could result in this kind of experience??? help would be infinitely appreciated, thanks!
Is your tuner calibrated wrong?

Check where it says what frequency it's using, it should say 440hz, if it's different then it's getting a different pitch.

Other than that, I've never had a problem like that myself, unless they're not done stretching out yet.
well there might be the factor that they are new strings. if not that, the next time you restring the guitar, keep the string shorter (ie: cut it shorter), might help.

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my tuner is indeed at 440hz, im thinking it may be because they are new strings

however the difference between these and my old ones is too dramatic to be something simple, at least thats what i think. These new strings just sound lazy, they dont have the response that im expecting, thats as best as i can describe it now.
try taking this to the electric guitar forum. you'll probably get better answers there
are the strings rubbing on the frets? are they rattling in the cut of the nut?

could be fretbuzz. if the strings are a different gauge. its possible these sit a little differently than the last set.
or even differently in the nut.

also, some brands just sound a little bright in general.

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Probably just cos they're a different type of strings to what you're used to.

And new.
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Give it a bit of time to let your fingers muck up the strings a bit and take the "new string sound" off. That could help. I am not sure I understood your problem completely, but maybe if you changed the string gauge, the intonation is all funky now?
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