Ok fellas, I have played acoustic for a while but recently purchased a highway one telecaster

anyways about a week ago my low e string broke on me and i just today got around to putting on some new strings (fender super 250L's)

the strings seemed to go on fine, i've tuned them correctly and they dont seem to be touching any frets, however the two strings that i replaced (yes only two) have a very strange sound to them which was not present in the original strings. They sound a little buzzy, but the best way to describe them is they almost sound more acoustic-like in nature. The problem isnt electronic, just a simple strum unplugged reveals the problem, and the strings really just sound lazy, they dont have the reaction i should be getting. My tuner says they are at the right pitch and tuned, yet they indeed sound much lower and even out of key than they ought to.

My question is has anyone had this experience and can anyone elaborate on common restringing problems which could result in this kind of experience??? help would be infinitely appreciated, thanks!
A few problems:

1. New strings always sound metallic-like.
2. The new strings just sound different to your old ones.
3. Sometimes tuners can't tune new strings properly because of the metallic-ness. Tune it by ear.
You might wanna try going to a professional and have him put on new strings... :P
How long have you had the old strings ?
If you have had them for like a month or more...it is worth changing all of the strings
try putting all 6 on as u may have 2 different gauges.

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This may be a new experience to you in tone coz ur used to acoustic sound. And yeah, new strings sound really tinny and plain, some ppl like it some dont (i dont). What you do is, you just stretch them properly and just play like normal. In 2-3 days or a week (depends on how long you play them) the sound will get more fat and less-tinny. Dont worry 'bout it.

More normal problem, is that when you play unplugged without an amp, you're striking the strings hard coz you need to hear it properly, this is a bit wrong to judge buzzing coz the hardness or softness of your strumming cant be defined in the net. You should plug it in an amp, or strike the strings lightly and not so hard, strings on electrics tend to buzz if you play them acoustically and if its too bad, its caused by too low of the action or improper truss rod adjustment.

Another problem, leaning more on the guitar, is that the new strings are probably have thinner gauge rather than the old ones, thus the old one tends to "file" a bit the string area at the nut, leaving ur nut with a larger gap than usual. To see whether this is the real problem, you put ur fingers (fingernails are better) and press hard on the nut area that accomodates ur string.

If that doesnt solve ur problem, check loose parts from your guitar throughout every hardwares. When u strum or pluck a note, your guitar will vibrate and all the hardwares and wood will do so. Check for loose saddles, screws, knobs or anything, it may not be ur strings that's making all that buzzes.
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