so, I fell into the silence once again
returned to myself and was reborn.
smiled at the bitter thoughts
that would urge my reawakening.

my eyes remained so dry
as I was well aware
that the gesture would be empty
and would not help me to my feet.

so, here's to setting sail
here's to watching as
the bedlam and the sordid lies
vanish out of sight.
I did not see you waving
through the clouded lens
of my fractured looking glass
as I ventured out to sea.

I have not ceased to question
the mystery in this siren's song
so enchanting and bewildering
ingrained itself in me.

but from the tattered wreckage
at the bottom of the ocean
I will salvage the remains
of my fragmented ego.
and in building this new vessel
I will allow the past to lecture me.

so, here's to setting sail.
here's to watching
the sun sink beneath the horizon
and hide within the stars.
I did not see you waving
as I ventured off to see
if my spirit was still wandering
where once, it used to be.

I have not let you go, I have only set you free.

I have not let you go, I have only set you free.
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I like it man, have you had an experience with sailing or something. I dont really reconise a chorus, is there one?
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LesPaulMarshalls ace!
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LesPaulMarshall, you friggin rock!
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It's pretty hard to find someone as hardcore as Tom. The race for hardcore supremacy would be pretty close but i think Tom's got his nose just in front for now...
I just liked the ship sailing out to sea as a metaphor, I don't sail.

In my songs I try to avoid the archetypal chorus - verse - chorus structure.