I've seen the "most versatile guitar" thread come up a lot

wouldn't it be more practical/versatile to just consider two guitars?
My own stipulation that no one has to stick to, is that each is less than $1000

I'm gonna say

American Series Strat
Ibanez RG1570 (not knowing much about humbuckers, but it does have a fr tremolo system..)
im sorry, but your asking for what the 2 most versatile guitars would be and for me it would be a ESP Eclipse II FM w/bareknuckle nailbomb and riff raff and the second would be a ESP M-III w/ emgs
I'd definately go with the threadstarter and have one guitar with single coils, and one with humbuckers. A Strat and a Les Paul would be a classic combination tone-wise, you could get pretty much any tone you'd want (they both have different pickup types, different construction, tone-woods and bridge type). Though for rock/shred you'd probably want a trem on the humbucker'd guitar as opposed to the single-coil equipped one, so maybe a Tele/Strat and an Ibanez or PRS would do for that.

But my personal choice would be my current setup- a Strat and an Explorer
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