Hi Guys, Im Looking to buy a new amp and i was thinking about buying the peavey bandit 112(around £220) , but then i heard about the peavey valveking(around £300+) Do you think it is worth the extra money for the valve king??? By The way i play anything from Blues to metal and use a prs santana SE.
buy the bandit, the EQ of the valveking does not realy work and the clean chanel is not realy clean

you can get the valveking for under £300 if you shop around...
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Go valveking. Sounds much better than the solid state Bandit IMO, after all it's a real all tube amp!
You could probly get more sounds in the bandit then with the valveking, but since i the valveking is tube i would suggest it and a good overdrive pedal to boost its distortion, the valveking is more of a low gain type sound.
hmm.. valveking is tube, so if you NEED the tube breakup and feel then go for it and get on OD pedal as stated

but from my experience the bandit is better at metal and one of the better sounding SS combos.

i liked the bandit better for some things and vice versa, but didn't get a chance to run the VK on full blast, haha.
i posted a review of the VK and dsl, xxx, recto.
check it out if you want
BUT a fender frontman 15r might be for you. not the one with the silver grill cloth, butthe one with the black. dunno if you can find it

settings for awesome sound
treb:5 1/2

there you go... thats with passive pickups