I have a Fender Mexican Stratocaster with Fender Lace Series upgraded to it. It's the Blue, Middle, Red one. To tell the truth, i don' really like these pickups as they're not bright and tight enough for my sound. I know it's really hard to get a rock sound out of single coil so i decided that i'll do that for my next guitar. For now i'm looking for perhaps a modern bright lead tone.

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So far here are my options:

Custom Shop 64 Fender
Traditional Mk-II set

Of course if anyone has better pickups to recommend please feel free to post. I'm thinking of getting bareknuckle pickups from overseas....
try S-D hot rails requires no mods to pickguard or guit and provides hot humbucker
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yeah, if you look around you can find humbuckers that fit into single-coil slots.

Though they dont reeeeally sounds like humbuckers, they sound somewhere between a single-coil and a humbucker.
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I'm using a Laney VC50 (Runs by a pair of 6l6 or El34) Tube Amp. My Pedals are MC-FX Screamin Tubes Plus (Betta than Keeley TS9 IMO but that's the clossest reference i can get), MC-FX Compressor (Cross between Keeley Compressor and CS-3 Compressor), Rat Mod (Alsmost EXactly like Keeley Mod), Metal Zone Special K Mod (Closest to Keeley Mod as well) and ISP Decimator.

I don't care if the pickups need to be soldered in. I'm not looking for a humbucker tone anymore and it's impossible to get a replica of it in my opinion. My Spending money is very expensive (Got money from many relatives and job..haha) 500 usd-800 at most XD almost like a new guitar eh?
i put stacked mini humbuckers in my neck... YM (dimarzio), Virtual Vintage Heavy Blues (dimarzio), and railed in my bridge (hot rails) Seymour duncan.

u might want something along those lines. hot like texas specials. but they run silent.
the YM malmsteen, is a little dark for my tastes. but the Virt Vin has a great tone.

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Have a look at the custom sets of EMG's for Strats.

I have the DG-20 set, nuff said!
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try S-D hot rails requires no mods to pickguard or guit and provides hot humbucker

they also sound like shit. EDIT: IMO. but they sound nothing like buckers, and because of the hum cancelling, don't sound nice like singles either. Worst of both worlds, IMO.

I'd get a bareknuckle of some kind- maybe a sinner or a trilogy suite. But if you do decide they're worth the cash, head on over to their website, and ask for recommendations over there.
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