Hey, i am in a band and we're a bit stuck on songs (cover songs) to learn right now, we have made a few of our own, but need some covers to play to help us progress as a band. We have 4 members, bass, lead guitar, rythm guitar and drums. So i was hoping you guys could recommend us some fairly easy, but respectable songs to learn. I'm a fairly competant bassist, as is the lead guitarist, the drummer is good, however the rythm is not so (but he'll sometimes play bass on harder guitar parts and i'll do the guitar). We like mainly rock stuff, like the chili's kind of style, foo fighters and some indie stuff. But we're fairly open minded, although we'd rather steer away from the Nirvana and Green Day kind of stuff as we want to improve.

Thanks for reading, hope you guys can help, if you need to ask any questions to get a better idea of what songs we should learn feel free.

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How about Iron Maiden - Stranger in a Strange Land? Easy to play and sounds brilliant if you perform it well
for whom the bell tolls - metallica
unholy confessions - avenged sevenfold
got the time - anthrax
i believe in a thing called love - the darkness
fade to black - metallica

those are all very easy songs. a bit of practicing and it should be very easy to make them sound good.
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^i've played for whom the bell tolls in a band. It's great and works well for basics.

i've heard some Jet songs are pretty good to jam to too.
Cold Sweat-Thin Lizzy
Little Acorns-The White Stripes
Don't Believe A Word-Thin Lizzy
Have a Drink on Me-AC~DC
Gates Of Tommorow-Iron Maiden
Slither-Velvet Revolver
anything by metallica is pretty simple and crowd enjoys it
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Thanks for the replies guys, i'll definately check out some of the muse stuff, i've been enjoying their stuff quite a lot recently. And i will of course check out the rest and put them to the band to see what they think

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Rainmaker - Iron Maiden

just learned it and i love it.
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depending on how good your bassist is... Interstate Love Song by Stone Temple Pilots.

Fire by Jimi Hendrix
Californication, Otherside, Give It Away - Chili Peppers
Bulls On Parade - RATM

most good rock bands from the 90's have a ton of songs that are easy to play.
Paranoid - Black sabboth. Well known song, fairly easy, and a solo where ur guitarist can go crazy.
Something like the rodger waters comfortably numb would work well, but from the sound of it ur quite heavy
Try Sum 41 - In Too Deep. It's pretty easy and has a pretty good solo. Do some Feeder songs too although they won't help you improve, the crowd'll like 'em. And maybe also some Lostprophets stuff. Everyday Combat from the new album is pretty simple and the solo be good for your lead guitarist.
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Tis a hard song to do but..... Mah Na Mah Na by the muppets... no really depends on what audience ya play 4... no blink 182 "all the small things or i miss you" unless ya did n accustic then that might be alright
Good Times Bad Times - Led Zeppelin
Iron Man - Black Sabbath
More than a Feeling - Boston
Just What I Needed - The Cars