Ok, this is probably my favourite of my own tunes, its kind of a bluesy rock ballad in the allman brothers vein. Only things im not really too sure about is wether the piano part is actually playable, and im probably gonna wind up changing the outro solo.
Ok, thats about it, if you like it, let me know, if you dont, tell me what you dont like about it, Cheers.
woooooow that was really really good. a bit repetitive with verse piano riff, maybe you should create some variations on that or something, possibly in the interlude. but im sure if the song had words it wouldnt sound as repetitive. i loved the solos, they reminded me a lot of lynyrd skynyrd. great song man keep it up
I like this one a lot too man. i like the piano you put in your songs man. thats the next instrument on my list to learn to play. lol. anyway solos sound great too.

this is just an idea man, you can do what you want, but if you threw in some distortion you could make some sic blues riffs man. you obviously have a natural ear for blues. i noticed on one of your other threads you said you tuned to C . ever listen to "Ten Years After" with Alvin Lee, (i think is his name... dont hold me to that.) ?
just a thought man, your sound is great like it is. i like it a lot
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