Hello guys, I was wondering, I've got a nice chord progression down for my solo part but I can't seem to make an ass kicking solos. I've had 15 recordings so far and IMO, they're extremely easy and its like what my dad said, "too much phrasing" which I don't understand.

Anyway, I was wondering, I'm really crap at scales and stuff, so whats the scales/modes that makes a kick ass solo in a song?
One that's in key. :P

Have you tried starting off with a powerful bend with added vibrato? That usually works well (eg, Stairway to Heaven - Led Zeppelin, Glasgow Kiss - John Petrucci). Then just go from there and use different techniques like tapping, shredding, legato, sweeping, etc.
Yeah, I've tried that, actually in one of my crappy recordings, it started off with that, its just that for 4/4 bars, I can't finish the solo, its either I ran out of ideas, or I end out of key.
It depends. If the chord progression is minor, theres no point in doing a solo based on a major mode right? Pick a mode that sounds good over the chord progression. Experiment with different modes and scales to see what sounds best. That usually works for me because I dont know much theory. Also, when soloing, try not to get sucked into using the minor pentatonic the whole time. Thiss happens to me alot and my solos end up becoming boring and predictable. Other guys on here will probably give you better advice than this but hey!
Hmm, I get what you're saying and its giving me a couple of ideas. Thanks. Anyway, the chord progression is in minor. Maybe I'll look around for minor modes/scales. Man, I should learn theory.
You are a newbie, don't sweat it yet. My best advice is to stick with what you know and slowly extend your "ground" by studying. What key is your song in? What are the backing chords? What style solo would best suit the song? How can I accent the message and feel of the song through this solo? ...my point is this: Stop thinking technically and start thinking musically. f the solo fits the "spirit" of the song, no matter how simple or "shred" it may be, it will work and it will sound great. It's just a thing of having taste. Don't try to push your envelope too much... you might tear it and wind up screwed and frustrated. Just work with what you know, and remember that in music QUALITY OF SOUND is the priority.

Best of luck man, tell us how things work out for you... and if you're still stuck in a couple days post up the answer the the questions above and we'll help guide you into what area you should probably work with.
Wow, thanks mate, that really helps. I really appreciate that. I'll take that into account and when I'm finished, I'll post it here. Thank you.

what is the chord progression, we could help you out here
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It's in minor scale.

Dm, C, Bb, A.
That changes scales (not that there's anything wrong with that). You would play D Aeolian (1 2 b3 4 5 b6 b7) over the first three chords and D harmonic minor (1 2 b3 4 5 b6 7) over the A chord.
Am I the only one who found the "too much phrasing" comment weird?

If a normal improv solo isn't working, try composing an interesting harmony solo, perhaps.

Or try a more melodic solo, and maybe record it twice and overdub the takes. Fruschiante does this sometimes, and it sounds good sometimes.
Add in some repeated pull offs, maybe repeat a certain part a few times, do some slides, ect.
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hey man, when i was a newbie, i tryed to pull of solos and just made a twat of myself everytime. I would recommend building up yo knowledge of scales, arpeggios, and build up your speed until you can do something good.

in other words, what that guy just said^^
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Hmm, thanks guys, really appreciate those nice advice. I think I'll study theory a little more. One more query guys, how do I make an appregio out of my chord progression above?
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Hmm, thanks guys, really appreciate those nice advice. I think I'll study theory a little more. One more query guys, how do I make an appregio out of my chord progression above?
An arpeggio is when you play the notes of a chord individually, though they may ring together.

This would be a kind or arpeggio for that progression: